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Loan for minor irrigation is available for financing. Drip/Sprinkler Irrigation System is financed by the bank branch near to our agricultural plots.

All small and large farmers are eligible for financing for installation of drip/sprinkler irrigation system.

Quantum of loan:-

Around 85% of the project cost, including cost of electric motor, pipeline, booster pump (sprinkler system), filtration equipment (Drip System), etc. is provided by the Bank.
Margin includes 10% to 15% of the project cost.

QBuildcon's role:-

We, at Qbuildcon, have tie-ups with bank branches in the areas we have our properties in. We can help you in getting in touch with the bank officials and making it easy for you to go through the loan application process.
We will ensure full assistance from our end to get any kind of agriculture related loan disbursed at the earliest and in the easiest possible way.

Bank Credit Facilitation -

We have done tie-ups with the following banks:

१) Bank of Maharashtra

2) State Bank of India

3) Union Bank of India

4) ICICI Bank

5) Central Bank of India