Farm Plot In Washi-Mahagaon

Washi-Mahagaon, Tala, Raigad

Price: Rs.15,00,000
Type: For Sale
  • 10 Acres
  • Elec Provision
  • Water Provision
  • Compound Gate
  • Road
  • Investment

A place where nature and humans can interact together with harmony and respect, this plot of land near Washi-Mahagaon village is amidst the abode of greenery and hills.

The scenic nature view along with approach tar road with electricity and water provision make this an unique investment opportunity for you.

The fertile land and the farm can turn it into a social/cultural place where people could come and spend time with friends and loved ones, be part of the place and we would like to make as a place where people feel comfortable and happy. Come and enjoy this beautiful location.

  • Midst of Nature
  • Fertile Land
  • Compound Gate
  • Provision of Water
  • Elec Provision
  • Approach Tar Road

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